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    Android can be an open source platform and, thus, you might have more options than you need to do with something similar to iOS. One particular freedoms is the capacity to install 3rd party apps from the outside with the Google Play Store. It’s not a practice we advise because the Play Store has numerous precautionary features. However, for reasons unknown, you would like to install something from someplace else. We are able to definitely still help with that.

    There are two approaches to install third party apps minus the Google Play Store. The first is through vacation app stores. The next method is finding APKs from websites and manually installing them.

    How you can install APKs

    Another popular thing to do is install APKs from websites. This is, definitely, one of the most dangerous strategy to install apps. However, there are a few sites where we don’t mind recommending it. The procedure is really simple so you shouldn’t must many problems performing it.

    Alternative party app stores

    Vacation apps stores are one other favorite way to get apps without the Play Store. There are many high quality ones.

    Find the alternative party app store you would like and download the APK.

    Continue with the steps above to put in the APK to your device.

    When the store is installed, open it up and surf for whatever apps you need.

    Download and install them because you would some other app store.

    You ought to be able to open your new 3rd party app store, download apps, and set them up without worries. To become frank, most apps you discover of many alternative party apps stores can be purchased in the Play Store anyway. However, there are many exclusives in some places.

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